We are a service devoted to helping professionals in other fields be aware of the potential benefits and risks associated with trading for additional income. Many professionals (physicians, attorneys, accountants, etc.) have seen decreasing reimbursements with increasing overheads. Being a success at trading for income can be a much more difficult learning curve than thought. We can show proven professional strategies for busy people to navigate the art of trading futures or securities with a high degree of probability.

Our product we are offering is a large video library which includes everything for proper money management, successful strategies for trading in up or down markets, lists for routines of successful traders, real current chart examples, live examples of live day trades, many strategies tailored to busy working people, proper Risk Reward assessment, personality matching to strategy (about 30 hours of video, dozens of chart examples, a personal webinar for each person for 1 hr and a 5 hr live session for initial instruction.

There is a substantial risk in trading. A loss incurred in connection with futures trading can be significant. Professional Trading Strategies makes no claims whatsoever regarding past or future performance. Any trading...

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Professional Trading Strategies was birthed with the need for other professionals (physicians, business owners, etc) to earn additional income. Email